CBD for animals pets


Different studies have found, CBD oil can also be a good supplement and support for animals.

All mammals, fish and mollusks have an Endo-Cannabinoid system. This system responds to cannabinoids. The CBD oil shall enter into force if the endogenous cannabinoids system is activated by your pets through, for example, an imbalance. The operation of CBD on physiological processes, is aimed at improving the functioning of the body. CBD contributes to a stable base and balance in the life of your pet.

Concentrations and doses:
The CBD oil can be given to your pet without side effects. There is no THC in it, your animal will not get high or stoned by it. Dosages are different than for humans and more in proportion with the body weight of the animal. Also for animals the ultimate active dosage is determined individually.

Dog and cat 1 drop CBD oil:
For a dog or cat is as a supportive nutritional supplement 1 to 2 x daily, 1 drop of CBD oil often enough. Without a improvement you can increase the dosage with a drop of until the desired effect is reached. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage.

Shake the bottle before use, so that the active compounds can mix with the oil. Then place the drops under the tongue of your animal, by doing so it will be absorbed directly into the body. Pets accept CBD oil generally good. If this does not work, you can offer the CBD drops on a treat, such as a biscuit, a small snack or other kinds of food. The absorption is than done partly by the oral mucosa and partly through the gastrointestinal tract.

Please note!
The information on this page about the use of CBD, is meant as an explanation for people who want to give CBD to their animals. Our advice is to always inform your veterinarian that your pet uses CBD drops and never change the prescribed medication without consulting the veterinarian.

For legal reasons we can never give medical advice or health advice related to our CBD products.